The Loudoun CAC is a public/private partnership among Loudoun County agencies and organizations dedicated to child victims of abuse and/or neglect.

It is the mission of the Loudoun CAC to support the continued development and implementation of a child-centered approach when investigating cases of child abuse and neglect.

The goals of the Loudoun CAC, which are similar to the national CAC model, include:

  • To provide a child-friendly, safe and neutral location in which law enforcement and child protective services may conduct child interviews;
  • To minimize the number of interviews the child is involved in by bringing all disciplines together and sharing information more efficiently;
  • To enhance communication and collaboration among all agencies involved;
  • To provide the child and non-offending family members referrals to other supportive services; and
  • To enhance the current system to enable an increase in the number of successful prosecutions of child physical and sexual abuse cases.
During its first 10 years of operation, December 2008 to February 2018, the Loudoun CAC served over 1500 children through interviews and/or case review.